ORAT is now a national and international reference point in the field of non-destructive testing. Since 2005 we have introduced in Italy the automatic ultrasonic technology control of pipeline welds and, since then, we are undisputed leaders in this industry. The passage was a real breakthrough compared to previous 50 years of application of radiographic method.

Our strength in the pipeline sector relies on the professionalism and availability of almost one hundred technicians, all qualified ISO 9712, located in different locations.

Our expertise encompasses the most important methods of non-destructive testing. From manual ultrasonic to automatic ones, from radiographs using x-ray tubes and gamma sources, to magnetoscope investigations until the dye penetrant.

In the early years 2000 ORAT exports its technology abroad and, from 2011 to 2016, opens offices in Colombia, Mexico Peru and Greece.

In Mexico we are the leading operator in this sector

Over the years we have worked in America (see detail of Mexico), Africa and Eastern Europe where we participated the largest projects in the recent 10-year: The TAP, Trans Adriatica Pipeline, within which O.R.A.T. takes care of 70% Greek tract and the TANAP, TANAP, Trans Anatolian Pipeline, covering much of the territory of Turkey.

From 2016 O.R.A.T. is inspection body thanks to obtaining accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020. Our quality system has thus attained the highest award attainable in the field.

In 2016, after a long and difficult path, we have won the prestigious qualification DNV (Det Norske Veritas) attestation of the quality level reached.


We are equipped with excellent facilities for quality and quantity. We choose suppliers and brands that meet our requirements for performance and reliability, and this is the result of a long selection process on site.

One aspect to which we pay the greatest attention is the continuity, which is why, in the event of failure of a device is always available, near the construction site, a replacement device.

To cope with the most complex maintenance needs as quickly as possible, we signed service agreements with some vendors onsite.

All equipment which require periodic calibrations are monitored on transportation in various shipyards in Italy and abroad and are invoked in the laboratory at the approach of the deadlines of the settings themselves.

Due to the large number of calibrations requested every year, ORAT has an internal laboratory with all necessary equipment.
 Every laboratory instrument represents a “primary” which in turn undergoes a periodic calibration in an ACCREDIA laboratory.